May is a documentary film maker and journalist who has been commissioned by the BBC, Channel 4 and Al Jazeera English to make films and reports all around the world.


In addition to her film work May developed Alternative Reality Games at BBC Current Affairs and consulted for BBC World Service on a series of interactive projects. In 2011, she produced the BBC3 Our War multiplatform site, which involved sourcing 10 years of found footage from across Afghanistan to chart the personal stories of the war. Over 4000 hours of material from military and civilian sources were obtained. The series was awarded a Bafta and Sheffield Doc Fest premiered the site as part of its cross-platform docs showcase. In 2010 she ran “Give Your Vote”, a radical global stunt-come-intervention which used an SMS programme to globalize democracy. British citizens were able to give their votes in the UK election to those who were affected UK polices around the world.


Over 25,000 people were involved as locals organised parallel election campaigns in Afghanistan, Ghana and Bangladesh, including live screenings on the televised debates on Kabul rooftops and a mural paintings on the streets of Accra. The project received worldwide media attention and was endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.