Playful series following people’s who have curious relationships with Iraq. 


Twinning Towns

Born in Basra, living in Warrington, Hussein Ahmed is on a mission: can he persuade the people and council of his local town to twin themselves with the war torn city of his birth?

Capturing the War

Reuters have flown their 50,000 strong archive of photos from Baghdad to London for a massive online project looking at the images that have captured the five years since the invasion. This film looks at the story behind the pictures.


Dinar Dealer

For just six hundred pounds you can be a Dinar millionaire. This film follows Robert, a dinar dealer who’s selling bundles of Iraqi currency to people who believe a peaceful future for Iraq will make them very rich indeed.


Hostile Worlds

How would you fare with a gun to your head in a freezing ditch of water in the middle of the night with your colleagues being shot one by one? This isn’t Iraq; it’s a field in the middle of Hereford. This film follows the men and women about to head out to the most dangerous place in the world and the people who’s job it is to prepare them for any eventuality..